The fine art photography collection titled Roads Not Traveled by Ric J is nature photography that you’ve never seen. As the title would suggest, Ric J seeks beyond the nature photos that may be seen over and over. Ric J’s favorite thing to do is travel in his Sportsmobile to out of the way places, as far as the 4×4 will take him, then hike on foot for miles to get a unique photo that noone else has seen.

What makes a great nature photographer? It’s the photographer who will go beyond where the roads take him. In order to get the extraordinary nature photographs, one must be committed to go where others wouldn’t. Ric J is this kind of nature photographer. Whether it be camping out in the wilderness, scaling down 1000 ft. cliffs, or waiting for hours to be sure the sky creates an extraordinary backdrop to his nature scene, Ric J will stop at nothing to get that one in a million shot.

To outside viewers, Ric J already has more than one of those extraordinary shots. However, if you ask Ric J, he will tell you he’s still searching for his idea of a one in a million nature photograph. That determination to explore the depth of nature for those unique nature photography shots is what keeps Ric J going to that next great photo.